Saturday, March 28, 2009

Part 3: Atlantica Online Gold - Columbus

Columbus in Atlantica Online

Here is the third installment for my Atlantica Online Gold Guide. The first guide is all about how to make gold by turning your useless books to skill boxes. The second one is how to earn more gold by selling books we get from ancient, medieval and modern book boxes. This guide will cover on how to make quick gold by selling armors and weapons to the NPC named Columbus.

Let me start by by identifying Columbus. Historically Christopher Columbus was a Genoese navigator, colonizer and explorer whose voyages across the Atlantic Ocean—funded by Queen Isabella of Spain—led to general European awareness of the American continents in the Western Hemisphere.

Columbus in Atlantica Online though plays a different role. He is a merchant that buys all equipments above rank zero at 50% of market price. He is located west of Madrid and north of Lisbon. Below is a picture of his general location.

The easiest way to get to him is to teleport to Madrid, use the NPC search function and auto-move to his location.

I talked to Columbus but his shop is close.

That is more likely correct. Unlike the tireless Goncourt who is working 24x7, Columbus has limited work hours. I think the devs put this as a balance for the game. His shop is only open between 9am to 6pm game time or 9 game hours.

Since 1 game day is around 48 minutes. This means that you can sell to him for 18 minutes and he will be idle for 30 minutes after that and the cycle goes on. Having this information will give you a good estimate when it is a good time to sell to Columbus.

I hope the image below will provide you a better understanding of Columbus time cycle.

Now that we have the information on Columbus work hours, we can now proceed to the selling process.

What should I sell to Columbus?

There are tons of equipments that we can sell to this guy but the simplest answer to this question is we sell something that can give us most profit. Luckily finding someting profitable in Atlantica's Marketplace is easy if you know your math :).

Let us study the 3 items below and anaylze if we can make a profit or not. Remember, that Columbus only pays 50% of Marketplace price. He won't also pay if the item's price is more than 100,000 gold.

Item 1: Destroyer Axe (Buy price = 1,400 gold)
  • Market Rate = 28,760 gold
  • Columbus Buy Price = Market Rate x 50% = 14,380 gold
  • Profit = Columbus Buy Price - Buy Price = 12,980 gold
Item 2: Anu Warrior Leggings (Buy price = 44,000 gold)
  • Market Rate = 130,711 gold
  • Columbus Buy Price = Market Rate x 50% = 65,355 gold
  • Profit = Columbus Buy Price - Buy Price = 21,355 gold
Item 3: Ghost Gunner Rifle (Buy price = 150,000 gold)
  • Market Rate = 1,086,911 gold
  • Columbus Buy Price = Market Rate x 50% =543,455 gold
  • Profit = ZERO. Columbus won't buy it because price is more than 100,000 gold.
The image below shows the actual price that Columbus paid for the items above. There is a very slight variance on the prices since they are dynamic and changes often the more players participate with Columbus farming.

If you cannot find items you need to sell to Columbus you can always buy Equipment Boxes. This is more practical because you don't need a lot of inventory space. However, it counts though to your allowable boxes opened per day and it won't be helpful if you are opening boxes you get from Goncourt.

Let us sample out the following Babyblon and Pyramid Equipment boxes. The 5 Babylon Boxes cost us 69,995 gold while the 5 Pyramid boxes cost us 246,500 gold.

The total sale for selling the 5 equipments coming from Babylon Boxes is 282,849 gold which gives us a profit of 212,854 gold. While the sale from Pyramid Boxes is 396,801 gold which gives us a profit of 149,301 gold. The result shows that expensive boxes does not mean always better profit. You need to constantly look for items that will sell better.

If you have noticed, the Amon's Leggings and Amon's Gauntlets sells at 103,319 gold each. Columbus only pays a maximum of 100,000 gold per item. For some strange reason, he accepted this. I'm not sure if this is a bug or the devs have increased the selling cap but it is best to contact an Atlantica Online Game Master about this or you might end up getting banned for exploiting a bug.

Columbus and your WILL

Every item you sell to Columbus takes 10% Will. I think this has been placed so that we cannot fully exploit this mechanic and it serves as an economic balance for the game. Ideally, the max number of items we can sell to Columbus in one game hour (48 mins cycle), is 28 items. If the start of the selling cycle you have 100% Will which means you can sell 10 items. You can sell 1 additional item for each 1 minute (1 minute = 10% Will) for 18 minutes.

If you can find items that gives you a constant profit of 30,000 gold per item, this means that you can have a profit of 840,000 gold every 1 game hour.

You are probably wondering too why you should sell to Columbus when you can get better profit selling directly to the Marketplace at a higher price. While this statement holds true, in some situation it is not always practical. My main reason for doing Columbus instead of marketplace is that I want my gold NOW. Marketplace slots are limited and your item takes time to sell.

Columbus is Newbie Friendly

The Columbus proceeds seems small compared to the explosive profits you get from opening Goncourt's boxes but Columbus method is consistent. It is ideal for newbie players and only cost around 5,000 gold to start. The moment you are out of tutorial, try to buy a Bran Castle Equipment box, open it and run to Columbus. You can use the proceeds after the first sale to buy 2-3 additional Bran boxes and repeat the cycle.

Parting words...

I do hope you learned something from this blog that will enhance your playing style. I will try to find more ways on how a casual player can earn gold in Atlantica Online because I truly believe that if a player has gold, he won't have a need to buy gold from gold spammers and that will cost the spam to stop. I do sound idealistic but you can't blame me I guess since I am receiving an average of 25 spams per day.

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to post them. Stay tune for my next Atlantica Online Gold Guide blog. I promise, you won't be disappointed.

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  1. Nice thanks for the info. really gr8.
    How do we calculate the +1 graded costs.

  2. This is very very helpful. Many thanks for making this guide.


    Hoping to see more guides from you

  3. Very nice guide. Oh btw, maybe you can make a guide on earning gold (through diffrent material box and enchant boxes)

  4. I'm not sure for the +1 graded items yet but I think they are 100% of the market price. I need to experiment more on this. I crafted a Blood Knight Robe with a +1 craft bonus and it sold for around 260k gold.

  5. Are you saying that you were able to sell it to Columbus for 260k?

  6. Yeah that is correct. Even 400k items seems to be selling. I'm wondering if they increased the limit to 500k.

  7. Should be easy enough to find out. Given it's a 500k rate now, I wonder what type of boxes would give the best profit?

  8. Another cool post! Was always curious as to why I saw a bunch of people at Columbus. Thanks for sharing this info!

    As for +'d items, yesterday I tested selling a +1 Amon's Axe to Columbus -- the market price was around 120k, and I sold it to Columbus for 140k, in case that helps.

  9. btw colombus does purchase equipment that is greater than 100k, so the biggest profitable equipement is ghost warrior

  10. but why only ghost warrior? have you tested and nothing else worked above ghost warrior equipment class?

  11. I tried Volcano boxes (Dragon equipment) and indeed Columbus will not buy them. I kind of found though that the price of Shogun boxes (for ghost stuff) ran so high that the profits weren't necessarily better. Your Mileage May Vary

  12. OK, I want to give full update here. If you have +1 equipment Columbus buys for full market plus some extra change, like a 930k dragon armor will go for 1mil.

    Yes, you heard right - Dragon Armor ONLY will sell, NOT weapons. That is why dragon weapons are so cheap, but dragon armor is so expensive. All Shogun (Ghost) stuff sells.

    If you have Volcanus in Rome Bazaar enchance to +1 it is 50-50 shot, but you get more bang for the same amount of Will, so more money per load.

    I don't really recommend Volcano Boxes, because only half the stuff sells to Columbus and the rest you have to sell to market. I ended up breaking even or only making a mil off 10mil investment.

    So Columbus seems to buy anything under 1mil market value, and all Dragon Weapons are above 1mil market.

    If only there were Volcano Armor Boxes :D

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  14. Your guide is very of the best I've read.

    However, I wonder if it might have some long term negative effects.

    Suppose everybody starts doing these things and making lots of gold. Then less people naturally would be buying gold from the market.

    Next thing you know the developers don't have an income and pretty game!!!

    This is completely theoretical and requires a lot of things to happen that might not, but still...what it?

    Either way your guides are very impressive and I plan on using them. To hell with theory.

  15. Thanks a lot for this guide! I started with around 9k, & in no time I have like a few hundred k's. Well not much in terms of number alone, but a lot in terms of profit percentage.

    Made a mistake of converting "game time" to my time (thought you meant PST) :p But figured it out in the end lol.

    Thanks again.

  16. Tried Dragon Heart Gauntlets & Columbus didn't buy them. Nothing above 800k he says.

  17. thanks for the guide.

  18. Great guide, but there's one problem, not all market prices are the same on every server, so you have to pay close attention to the prices.

    For example:
    Pyramid Boxes; items from them give you anywhere from 97k -103k. So common sense says, it's still profitable to buy and use pyramid, as long as the price doesn't exceed the 97k margin.

    As for Shogun boxes, On Thebes, they run about 290k a box, i got an axe, and only sold it for 230k, so a little loss of money, but not bad for a test.

    Conclusion, i tend to stick with either Babylon boxes, or Pyramid.

  19. Thanks for sharing helpful idea with us.

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  21. Awesome post! Very great guide and series on how to earn gold in Atlantica, I appreciate what you've written here :).